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摄影:Gordon Tait


When Penguins Attack

“This is what happens when you leave a GoPro out on the sea ice,” writes Your Shot member Gordon Tait, who captured a series of time-lapses with the HD camera system while running an ocean acidification experiment near Casey Station, Antarctica. “We often get groups of Adélie penguins coming to see what we’re doing, and this one was trying to peck the camera.”
“这就是你留了一台GoPro相机在海冰上之后的惊喜。”你来掌镜摄影师Gordon Tait写道,他在南极凯西站进行一项海洋酸化实验研究期间,用高清相机拍了一系列延时摄影作品。“总是会有一群群好奇的阿德利企鹅跑来围观,眼前这个小家伙显然对这台GoPro情有独钟,拼命地戳个不停。”
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